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Teresa's DIY Outdoor Kitchen

How building a DIY BBQ was made simple for Teresa and her family with GenStone

Outdoor Kitchen DIY

The ultimate BBQer’s dream – an outdoor kitchen designed to bring friends and family together for afternoons full of food and fun. Teresa used GenStone’s Keystone stone product to update her outdoor BBQ into a custom outdoor kitchen DIY project. After crafting outdoor cabinets, she used stone panels to blend the outdoor kitchen area into her existing rock wall and patio pavers, creating a high-end look on a low budget. Watch Teresa’s video to see exactly how she was able to accomplish this DIY project.

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen can be daunting – finding the right materials to withstand the outdoor elements that are also budget-friendly. Stacked stone panels are crafted from real stone to create a material that looks and feels like real stone but doesn’t require the added expense of masonry work or the added weight of real stone.

Why GenStone

GenStone stacked stone panels is lighter than real stone but still offers the same durability of real stone. In fact, our faux stone panels outperform natural stone in many durability and longevity tests.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
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