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Robert’s Kitchen Island Cover

This stone kitchen island project makes it stand out

Stone Kitchen Island Cover

Our faux stone panels are becoming a popular option for homeowners who are looking to add a little flair to their kitchen. GenStone customer Robert Stewart used the Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels to complete a simple kitchen island project. As you can see in these before and after photos, Robert’s kitchen island was the same wood as the rest of the cupboards in his kitchen, but by the time he was finished installing his GenStone, this kitchen island cover now makes the centerpiece of the kitchen pop.

GenStone faux stone panels are specifically designed for DIY installation, as each kit is designed to screw into your existing structure easily. Since our panels are so easy to install, you can complete a project like Robert’s kitchen island cover in a single weekend without professional help — saving you both time and money!

Why GenStone

GenStone’s faux stone panels are an excellent addition to any home or business project. Our lightweight panels are easy to install and cast from natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel.

Upgrade Area: Interior
Project Type: Island
Categories: Before and After
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