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Mike’s DIY Stone Skirting

This home exterior skirting enhanced the building's look

DIY Faux Stone Skirting 

Having a stone home exterior skirting around your home can give it a beautiful, timeless look, but natural stone is expensive and requires a mason to install it. GenStone’s Stacked Stone products are an affordable solution that can be done in a single weekend on your own! GenStone customer Mike Echols used our Northern Slate Stacked Stone product as DIY faux stone skirting for his home and garage. The blues and grays in the Northern Slate complemented his home’s colors perfectly and significantly upped his curb appeal.

Foundation cover-up, concrete cover-up, pillar accents, and wainscoting are all different DIY faux stone skirting ideas that can help update your home, increase your curb appeal, and potentially increase your home value. In addition to the ease of installation, our faux stone panels have been tested for durability – passing tests for rain, wind, impact resistance, and fastener strength, so your home exterior skirting will be able to withstand the elements. 

Why GenStone

GenStone offers eco-friendly panels in a variety of colors that can complement the exterior of your home or blend in with the surrounding foliage. Our panels look and feel like real stone, offering homeowners a budget-friendly DIY stone skirting option.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: Skirting
Categories: Project Photos
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