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John’s Faux Stone Front Porch Remodel

Remodel your front porch and add pillars

Faux Stone Front Porch Remodel & Pillars

GenStone faux stone panels are great for projects of all sizes, including a front porch remodel. This GenStone customer used our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels as part of a larger front porch remodeling project. First, they extended their roof to cover the porch, removed the metal fencing around the porch, and added pillars to support the roof extension. Then, the customer lined the wall in front of the porch and around the front door with our faux stone and used our Pillar panels to wrap around the bottom half of the pillars. They finished off the look by changing out the foundation around the bottom of the porch and adding a swing. As you can see in these before and after photos, the remodel project completely transformed John’s front porch.

One of the primary benefits of choosing our faux stone panels is the ease of installation. Many GenStone projects can be completed in a single weekend, saving your time and money from the costly and extended construction timelines of a professional mason.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s faux stone panels are an excellent addition to any interior or exterior project. Our lightweight panels are easy to install and cast from natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: Front DoorPillarsPorch
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