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Chris’ Gazebo Pillars and Back Patio Kitchen

Backyard Gazebo Pillars and Patio Kitchen

Back Patio Kitchen

The back patio kitchen has become a popular addition to many properties, and GenStone customer Chris Galvin perfected his with our Kenai Stacked Stone product. The colors blend beautifully with the wood deck, and they complement the home’s natural surroundings, and it looks like it was installed by a professional. Chris now has a perfect kitchen for a summer barbeque. 

Back Porch Columns 

Chris also used our Kenai Stacked Stone pillar panels to wrap the columns on the back porch and the connected gazebo. The addition of the gazebo pillar wraps and porch columns ties everything together nicely and gives Chris a great place to entertain family and friends. 

Why GenStone

GenStone products are specifically designed for DIY installation, allowing you to complete a project without the expensive costs and extended timelines of a professional mason. A project like Chris’ gazebo and back porch pillars, and patio kitchen can be completed in a single weekend!

GenStone’s faux stone panels are an excellent addition to any interior or exterior project. Our lightweight panels are easy to install and cast from natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel.


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