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Front Porch Column Wrap Project

Upgrade Your Porch Appeal with GenStone's pilliar panels

Front Porch Columns

GenStone faux stone panels are great for projects of all sizes, including exterior home renovations. This GenStone customer used the Stratford Stacked Stone product to transform their home entrance. Using our exterior pillar panels, this customer covered their front porch columns with the Stratford Stacked Stone product line. In addition to the front porch columns, they completed a wainscoting and chimney project that tied it all together.

There’s no shortage of exterior home renovation ideas, especially when using our exterior faux stone panels. From wainscoting projects to installing panels to cover the entire face of a home, we’ve helped customers give their homes and businesses a complete facelift – even increasing the value of their property.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s interior and exterior product lines are excellent additions to any home or business. Our panels are easy to install, and their authentic look and feel will transform your property from bland to beautiful.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: ColumnsPillarsPorch
Categories: Project Photos
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