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Where in the World Did Our Stacked Stone Designs Come From?


One of our distributors in Alaska is Spenard Builders Supply, a retailer of building materials and home improvement hardware. Spenard does a fantastic job supplying DIY-ers and contractors with the essentials they need to complete their projects in locations throughout Alaska.

One of Spenard’s flagship locations is in Kenai, Alaska, a coastal city just a few miles southwest of Anchorage. When we visited this location for the first time, we were awestruck by the natural beauty that surrounds this part of the state. The hilltops and mountains in Kenai are bedecked by some of the most beautiful, earthen colors we’ve ever seen: deep browns, subdued charcoals, and raw whites. After our very first trip there, we knew we had to replicate these colors and bring them to our customers.

That’s when we got our designers together in a room, sat down with our color palettes, and went to work creating the Kenai stacked stone color theme. The response from our customers has been fantastic, and Kenai continues to be one of our best-selling faux stone color choices.


So far, we’ve journeyed to Alaska and the UK to find just the right colors to incorporate into our hallmark faux stone panels. Now, it’s time to jetset to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

GenStone is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, a southwestern suburb of Denver. This is where we got our start, and it’s safe to say we owe a lot to the inspirational beauty of the area. Traveling from our headquarters west into the mountains, it’s about a two-hour drive to reach one of Colorado’s most sought-after vacation destinations: Keystone.

For roughly half of the year, vacationers head to Keystone for world-class skiing and a multitude of other snowsports. However, after the snow melts, the Keystone area reveals a multi-chromatic splendor that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Keystone’s spring- and summer-time geography is peppered with burgundies, beiges, and slate colors, a combination that lends itself well to the immersive, natural atmosphere here. Catching those colors and making them a part of our Keystone faux stone panels is something we’re incredibly proud of.

More Color Options, More Value...All from GenStone!

It’s difficult to say what our customers love most about our faux stone panels. The ease of installation, the lightweight, durable material, the attractive color themes—it all adds up to exceptional value from the leader in faux stone: GenStone!

Don’t forget that we’re now offering custom-colored faux stone panels that are hand-painted by our design staff. So, if none of our pre-formulated color themes strike your fancy, get in touch with us and let us know what color you’d like for your faux stone project. We’ll work with you to ensure that the faux panels you need are a perfect fit for your project.