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Stacked Stone Water Fountain Ideas for Your Outdoor Landscape

Before You Get Started

Every outdoor water fountain has at least three component parts:

  • The water pump. There are many submersible water pumps to choose from. We like this one from PonicsPumps. For slower-flowing fountains, choose a Gallons-per-Hour rating (GPH) of 100 or lower. Larger fountains with more water volume can go up to 400 GPH or even higher.
  • Water tubing. Vinyl or PVC tubing can be used in conjunction with most of the more common water pumps on the market. It’s important to run the tubing so that a ‘closed circuit’ of water flow is achieved.
  • Power supply. Remember that your outdoor water fountain will need 120V AC power to operate, in most cases. Take a moment to strategize about how you’re going to provide this power to the fountain.

Now that you’ve got the essentials (including enough GenStone faux stone paneling!), it’s time to begin!

Stratford Stacked Stone Deck Remodel

Stratford Stacked Stone Water Feature

Idea #1: Faux Stone-Flanked Multi-Tier Water Feature

Because the water within your outdoor fountain can be pumped as far as 100 feet or more from the pump itself, this opens up lots of design opportunities.

For a multi-tiered water feature, use GenStone faux stone panels and corner pieces to create the ‘shell’ of the fountain. This is best done using treated plywood or timber for the basic structure, and then adding the stacked stone GenStone panels using your choice of wood screws.

Within the ‘shell’, you’ll want to create at least two different stages for water accumulation. Get creative here! Consider using a natural stone bowl or basin with a runoff that feeds another basin of a larger or smaller size.

Keep in mind where the lowest point of your outdoor water fountain will be, and be sure to place your pump in this location.

Idea #2: Single-Pedestal Stacked Stone Fountain

Want a simpler yet equally elegant outdoor water fountain? How about building your own single-pedestal stacked stone pool fountain using GenStone pillar kits?

The sky’s the limit with this idea. Simply follow these steps:

  • Build a hollow, 8” square post using PVC, vinyl siding, or any other waterproof material. This will serve as the pedestal for the fountain, and it will be secured in the center of the holding pool.
  • Add GenStone stacked stone pillar veneers. Installation is a snap! Our pillar kits are made to work perfectly with 8” square posts, and the panels themselves naturally interweave, giving the appearance of real, stacked stone!
  • Run your fountain pump tubing through the flat or peaked pillar cap (your choice). Then, simply let the waterfall down all four corners of the pedestal, accumulate in the holding pool, and recirculate using your water pump.

These single-pedestal outdoor water faux stone fountains can double as birdbaths with the addition of a washbasin added to the top. Use your imagination to create an attractive, natural-looking water feature that complements the rest of your outdoor living space.

Need Support? We’ve Got Your Back!

At GenStone, we’re committed to equipping you with the materials and know-how you need to complete the outdoor water fountain project of your dreams.

If you find yourself in need of support during the installation of any GenStone stacked stone product, feel free to reach out to our team for prompt assistance. We’ll share with you the best practices for installing GenStone faux stone panels, corner pieces, and trim so your outdoor water fountain looks great!

Just head over to our Contact Page, give us a brief description of your project, and we’ll do all we can to provide outstanding support to help you reach your goals. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what kind of outdoor water fountain ideas you’re able to bring to life!

Stratford Stacked Stone Water Feature