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Restaurant Designs and Improvement Ideas

Combining faux stone or brick with traditional materials

Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal and Ambiance of Your Restaurant

From spring through late fall homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to improve their curb appeal with home improvement projects and commercial remodels. If you drive by any strip mall, even visiting some of your favorite restaurants, you’ll find that during these months, they’ll do what they can to remodel and touch up their locations. Many restaurants are turning towards faux stone paneling systems like GenStone to revitalize their look.

Appearance and Association

Like it or not, consumers typically judge your business with their first impression. Whether it’s your website or exterior of your storefront, consumers want to feel impressed and comfortable spending their hard earned money with your business. Therefore, take a minute and look at your business for the first time again and realize that a first impression for a restaurant may be more important than any other business.

Making an Impression

Restaurants with faux stone accents are in vogue, especially for franchises, which may not have the budget in place to keep up with repairs, remodels and other improvements that will eventually bring in more business. In some cases, a restaurant or fast food chain will require a location to do improvements, from there, they have to find a way to make it happen without losing business or spending too much. Faux stone is a great way to save money on material costs.

Restaurants look for ways to improve their business and having a clean, friendly and welcoming atmosphere is one way to do that. By looking for ways to enhance the look and feel of distinct buildings in most cases, faux stone can add that desired look and in most cases the owner or franchisee can do the work themselves. With GenStone’s various styles and colors, it’s easy to match the look and feel of your restaurant or location.

Restaurant Exterior Design

Get the Look You Want Without Hiring a Mason

Stacked faux stone is one way to improve the exterior or interior of your location. Whether you want to completely redo one or the other or just touch up other areas, stacked faux stone lets you do either in no time at all. In fact, depending on the scope and scale of your restaurant, you can even install the faux stone yourself or hire a siding contractor for much less than it would cost to hire a mason. For mom and pop restaurants looking to save on construction and remodel costs, faux stone offers savings on material cost, along with contractor costs if you do it yourself.

It Looks Expensive

If you own a restaurant or are looking to open one, investing in faux stone as an option can help your location get the look you want without spending as much as you normally would on remodeling costs. Remodeling doesn’t have to bankrupt your restaurant or fast food location. By finding ways to still get the same look, such as with faux stone, you can reduce the costs and time it takes to finish your remodel in no time flat.

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