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Boring Hot Tub? Add Faux Stone to the Area

Create a resort style retreat in your own backyard

An Authentic and More Affordable Stone Hot Tub

Faux stone, if you haven’t heard of it before, can be used to replace real stone or create a real stone look without the price tag or construction constraints. Real stone is expensive, heavy, and can’t always be cut without a major headache. Faux stone, on the other hand, is much more affordable, lightweight, extremely easy to install and can always be cut just the way you want it with an ordinary hand saw. This makes GenStone faux stone much more versatile than its real stone counterpart.

What's Trending? Patios with Faux Stone

Patios in the front of the home are becoming the best way to make a first impression while the backyard patio is utilized more as a retreat for family and friends. In each area, more and more people are looking to upgrade curb appeal in the front of their homes and enhance retreats with the look of stone.

Trending Faux Stone Patios

DIY Hot Tub Surround with GenStone Siding

GenStone finally gives you a way to get the look of stone for less and even do-it-yourself. Think outside the box when it comes to home improvement projects, using GenStone to improve the look of an otherwise boring hot tub area can make your front or back patio and even your hot tub beautiful space you want to spend more time relaxing in.

A faux stone hot tub is just one way to use faux stone around the exterior of your home. You can use it as wall accents, outdoor bar accents, and to create a unique look and feel for your home. Faux stone makes just about anything possible that real stone can’t, especially when it comes to home improvement projects you plan on accomplishing on your own. To see what GenStone looks like in the area you would like to improve, use our Upload Your Project tool or contact us to receive assistance from one of our design experts.

DIY Stone Hot Tub