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4 Front Porch Remodels that Blew Us Away

Front porch projects that can be accomplished by the average weekend warrior

A Front Porch Remodel Can Improve Curb Appeal & Increase Long Term Value

The front of your home is an important introduction to guests and passersby, and investing in a front porch remodel can go a long way in improving the curb appeal and value of your home. As front porch remodels become a growing trend in the DIY world, we are seeing some truly amazing results. Homeowners are taking the time to do their research, use their imagination and put in the work to transform the front of their homes into welcoming and valuable entrances and hangouts. Here are some of our favorites.

[before-after]Before Front Porch RemodelAfter Front Porch Remodel[/before-after]

#1 Outside Living Room Front Porch Remodel

Some transformations are more extreme than others, but this remodel finds the perfect balance with its extended porch. The original porch was almost no porch at all, but with the use of a faux brick walkway and a long bench, these homeowners created a more welcoming space and a place to relax. The improved landscaping and color add vitality and class to what was previously a lifeless and forgettable property.

[before-after]Before Front Porch Remodel IdeaAfter Front Porch Remodel Idea[/before-after]

#2 Front Porch Design With Simple Charm

A big part of a successful front porch remodel is understanding your property and how it meshes with and reflects your personality. We love this one for its simple charm and classic appeal. The wood front porch is a delightful addition that can be enjoyed during a crisp fall day with an accompanying beverage.

The coffee stacked stone panels from the GenStone Collection not only perfectly complement the light color of the porch, but installation took just a single day without the cost and labor of natural stone. As DIYers continue to recognize the authenticity and durability of these faux stone options, we expect to see more projects that incorporate the valuable products.

[before-after]Before Small Front Porch RemodelAfter Small Front Porch Remodel[/before-after]

#3 Quirky Style Front Porch Remodeling Idea

Perhaps the original design was too avant garde for us to understand, but we definitely prefer this house in its renovated form. The dynamic and colorful trim immediately jumps out as a major upgrade to the porch – a nod to Victorian architecture. The bold and bright porch serves as a quirky introduction to a unique property that deserves to be dressed up.

While these remodels blew us away, know that it doesn’t take the cultured eye and big pockets of a professional to make a lasting impression with your front porch project. Take the time to find out what fits with your property and budget, and you can transform your porch into a space that will allow you to relax, entertain and even improve the value of your home.

[before-after]Before New Front Porch DesignAfter New Front Porch Design[/before-after]

#4 Modern Front Porch Update

This house looked straight out of a 1960s West Coast movie set, and that’s not all bad considering the popularity of retro digs. But the modern update to the look is a huge improvement, and it starts with the front porch. A spacious deck replaced some of the landscaping, while a concrete retaining wall connects the deck to a trendy, mid-century modern door that pops. Where a house once hid, a property now projects and attracts.