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Choosing the Right Faux Stone Veneer Color

From color to style, this is your complete guide.

Selecting a Color and Style

GenStone offers a variety of easy-to-install stone veneer siding collections. Each product line is intended to complement most color schemes and designs, but some faux stone panels are more keen to modern, traditional or contemporary architecture.

Each siding selection offers several color options, so you can zero in on which combinations best suit your design. Once you’ve settled on one of the color schemes outline below, compare each of the four product lines including stacked stone, rock, brick and river rock to see which best appeals to you most.

Monochromatic Faux Stone Veneer Colors

Monochromatic Faux Stone

Different Shades Throughout the Siding

These color schemes use only one color with varying values of that color. For example, light blue, royal blue, navy blue and midnight blue is a monochromatic scheme. This combination is currently very popular in modern and contemporary homes and stores like Room and Board or Crate and Barrel. If this style complements your home, our Desert Sunrise panel may be your best choice.

Complementary Faux Stone Veneer Colors

Monochromatic Faux Stone

Opposites Attract

These color schemes use colors opposite of each other on a standard color wheel, creating a bold contrast. As in our Stratford Stacked Stone panel above, one color is usually dominant while the other provides an accent. Red and green are considered complementary.

Analogous Faux Stone Veneer Colors

Analogous Stone Veneer Siding

Harmonious Blend

As in our Coffee Stacked Stone panel featured above, a harmonious color scheme use three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. They are appealing to the eye because they are harmonious and often found in nature. One color should be dominate, while one supports, and the other accents.