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Gary’s Outdoor Deck Remodel Idea
See how Gary George, a DIY rookie, was able to completely remodel his small back deck on his own using GenStone faux stone products. Check out his remodel here!
Exterior Facade Panels
Exterior wall decoration idea using Stratford Stacked Stone panels by GenStone. Lightweight exterior facade panels are easy to install.
Outdoor Wall Panel
DIY half wall built with stone veneer sheets by GenStone. Easy to install engineered panels, ledgers and corners that fit together seamlessly.
Sam’s Garage and Front Door Update
Update your homes' exterior with Stacked Stone Panels. Check out how Sam used our Stratford Stacked Stone panels to complete a garage and front door update.
Rodney’s Porch Posts and Wainscot
Improve your home today with stacked stone porch posts & wainscot walkway from GenStone! Check out Rodney's DIY project for ideas on how to use faux stone.
Robert’s Stone Wall Remodel
Adding GenStone's stacked stone veneers over an old stone wall makes a dramatic difference. Check out Robert's DIY home remodel project for unique ideas!
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