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Don’s Stone Veneer Outdoor Kitchen
Our stone veneer is perfect for any outdoor kitchen. It is Class-A fire-rated, so you don't have to worry about having your grill on with it.
Faux Stone BBQ
The patio barbeque is the perfect DIY application for our faux stone. Take a look at this customer's faux stone BBQ!
Rich’s Faux Stone Barbeque
Give your patio a new look by adding faux stone to your barbeque in a simple DIY cover project. Take a look at this BBQ for inspiration!
Faux Stone DIY Outdoor Kitchen
The outdoor kitchen is one of the popular DIY projects with our faux stone because they easily upgrade the patio. Check out this project!
Kevin’s DIY Porch BBQ & Planter Box
Faux stone is great for a DIY update of your porch BBQ and redesigning your planter box also. Check out Kevin's before and after photos!
Marcos’ DIY Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ
Make your DIY outdoor kitchen & BBQ truly yours with faux stone! This is one of the most popular projects we see and for good reason!
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