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Brian L.

Project Coordinator
Hi there, I'm Brian and I come from La Jolla, California. Spending time with my son is one of my greatest joys, regardless of the activity. I'd say that I have a good sense of humor, although my colleagues have described me as whimsical, witty, and a wildcard, which I tend to agree with. And, of course, they also think I'm funny. As for GenStone, my favorite color is Iron Ore.
Brian was extremely a helpful and knowledgeable. I sent him my measurements of my fireplace project and he figured out exactly how much GenStone I needed.

Brian L.'s

Jeff and Jeanette’s Stone Veneer Home Wainscoting Project
If you want to upgrade your home wainscoting, stone veneer can make it a fun and simple DIY project. Take a look at this beautiful project!
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Faux Stone Electric Fireplace and TV Wall
If you want to install an electric fireplace on your TV wall, faux stone is the perfect choice for the job. Take a look at this project!
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Faux Stone Fireplace with an Antique Mantel
Our faux stone can be used for installing a fireplace with an antique mantel without hurting the mantel. Check out this project!
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Janet’s Stone Veneer Wainscoting Project
Want to upgrade the exterior of your building? Take a look at this beautiful stone veneer wainscoting project using Kenai faux stone!
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Terry’s Stone Veneer Corner Fireplace
The fireplace is one of the most popular applications of GenStone's products. Take a look at this gorgeous stone veneer corner fireplace!
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Bob’s Stone Veneer Front Porch Wainscoting & Stair Risers
Our stone veneer is great for any application, including this front porch wainscoting and stair risers project. Check out the before & after!
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Patrick’s Stone Veneer DIY Home Skirting
GenStone's stone veneer is the best way to DIY upgrade your home skirting. Take a look at this customer's project for inspiration!
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Dennis’ Stone Veneer DIY Home Wainscoting
If you want to upgrade your curb appeal, our stone veneer is the perfect solution. You can install our stone veneer as an easy DIY home wainscoting project in a weekend!
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Thad’s DIY Home Exterior Chimney
Faux stone makes remodeling your home exterior chimney an easy DIY project. In a single weekend, you can transform your home. Take a look!
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Bob’s Entryway Accent Wall
Need to make your home's entryway stand out? A faux stone accent wall in your entryway is the perfect project! Check out Bob's design!
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Ed’s Faux Stone DIY Garage Remodel
This customer did a full DIY garage remodel project using faux stone, transforming the entire garage. Check out this project!
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James’ Stone Veneer DIY Deck Skirting
If you are looking for a DIY idea for your deck skirting, installing our stone veneer panels is a great way to modernize your deck.
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Stone Veneer Chimney Remodel
]Stratford Stone Veneer was used for a DIY home chimney remodel. Check out the before and after photos of this chimney transformation!
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Meet Other Project Coordinators

Project Coordinator Alex
Project Coordinator
Greetings, I'm Alex, a native of Oklahoma. Although I was born in Oklahoma City, I spent most of my childhood in Edmond. I enjoy outdoor activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and spending quality time with my pug.
Manager Amanda
I am from Rapid City, South Dakota! My hobbies are going for runs and watching reality TV. I would describe myself as loud and happy, my coworkers said that I am kind, joyful, and a leader.
Project Coordinator Bennett
Project Coordinator
Hello there, my name is Bennett, but everyone calls me Ben. I hail from Kansas City, Missouri and spent most of my formative years in the KC metro area. I attended the University of Missouri for my college education. Skiing, sports, and music are among my favorite activities.
Project Coordinator Brian C.
Brian C.
Project Coordinator
I am from Santa Cruz, California. I enjoy fishing, snowboarding, good food, traveling, and spending time with my family.
Project Coordinator Cameron
Project Coordinator
I am from Indian River, Michigan. My favorite hobby is playing pool. My coworkers should describe me as, and I quote, “the muscle” but they said I am motivated, diligent, and positive.
Project Coordinator Daniel
Project Coordinator
Greetings, I'm Daniel! I was born in Torrance, CA, raised in Orange County, and relocated to Colorado in 2014. During my leisure time, I cherish spending quality moments with my wife and kids, discovering new culinary hotspots, hiking, skiing, and playing golf.