Crystal Hill Baptist Church Stone Columns

These decorative columns totally transformed this sanctuary

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Beautiful and Realistic 

“Our church was in bad need of updating. Real stone was not an option because of the weight issue and being on a platform. We looked online what was available and found GenStone. The sample on display looked so real and would solve the issue of no added weight on the stage requiring more expense and reinforcement. Three men in the church applied the “stone” to the walls using table saws, glue and screws. It did not require special equipment or training. Just make sure to start off level and the product does the work for you. It has a beveled edge that slides into place locking the product together. There is a matching touch up paint and caulk to cover any edges or screws. Everyone at church is amazed at how beautiful and realistic it looks. We have not heard one negative comment (miracles do happen in church you know) and at least 2 have decided to add it to their own home. It even passes the “feel” test….you want to touch it just to see if it’s real…. and it feels real. Could not be happier!!!!”

Crystal Hill Baptist Church – North Little Rock, AR

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Desert Sunrise


Stacked Stone

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