Lynda’s Stacked Stone Skirting Project
See Lynda's DIY project to learn how to add stacked stone skirting to your cabin! GenStone's Kenai fake rock skirting can improve the look of any home.
Lance’s Exterior Home Improvement Idea
Looking for exterior home improvement ideas? Get inspired by Lance's faux stone siding. Let GenStone help you install your faux stone wall panels today!
Jim’s Accent Wall Design
GenStone helped Jim find the perfect faux stone interior siding for his wall. Check out his unique living room accent wall designs for great ideas.
Jamie’s DIY Stone BBQ Design
Check out Jamie's DIY BBQ grill area for design ideas and GenStone will help you find the perfect faux stone. Build your own stone BBQ area today!
Ian’s Garage Wainscot Project
Looking for garage wainscoting ideas? Ian's faux wainscot wall panels improved the look of his garage and was easy to install. Shop GenStone today!
Crystal Hill Baptist Church
The decorative stone interior columns project at the Crystal Hill Baptist Church demonstrates how GenStone can help you transform any space!