9 Curb Appeal Ideas

How to improve your home’s curb appeal this weekend

Are you considering selling your home? Or maybe you’re just thinking you need to give your home a quick makeover before the holidays. Either way, if you don’t make a plan you could end up spending much more than necessary. Sure, GenStone is a stunning way to improve your home’s curb appeal in very little time but what if you’re not quite ready to take on a faux stone installation project? Here’s 9 cheap but effective ways to spruce up your home quickly and easily.

#1 Add a Layer of Mulch

Unless you live where the wind doesn’t blow, adding a layer of mulch a good idea at least one or twice per year. This particular improvement project will not only help your soil conserve moisture, it will also cover up numerous imperfections such as divots and even those weeds you’ve been meaning to pull all summer.

#2 The Front Door

Obviously your front door is the first impression whether you’re welcoming a guest or showing your home for sale. GenStone stone veneer looks great around a front entrance but don’t forget about everything leading up to the entrance. Make sure your hedges are not overgrown and add a potted plant or two around the door to create a welcoming area.

#3 The Fence

Your fence isn’t just for keeping your dog confined or defining your property lines anymore. For around $40 you can purchase enough stain to really improve the look of your fence and any complimentary items around your yard like wooden railings and benches.

In the photo above, the homeowners not only took the time to put a fresh coat of white paint on the fence, they added a rock siding wainscot over the concrete base.

#4 Add Some Color

If your home’s paint is in decent shape but a bit boring, add some color in some high contrast areas. Painting your front door can make a lasting impression but don’t forget about your window casings and even your shutters. Then when it comes time to install GenStone, our design experts will help you compliment your contrasting colors by choosing the right faux stone house siding.

#5 Colorful Plants

It’s easy to be drawn in by the bright colored plants and flowers, don’t forget to add some subtlety to the mix. Focus on purples, blues and whites to give your home a natural and inviting appearance. Remember, most people want their home to feel relaxing, this is especially important if you’re selling your home.

#6 Clean Outside Like the Inside

You wouldn’t show your home or welcome a guest with a big dark stain on the counter top, so don’t forget about the oil stain in your driveway. The biggest expense for this project is your time and possibly your knees. However, you can save yourself time and the backache by renting a pressure washer to get that grimy old stain off the driveway.

#7 Mow, Trim, Prune and Weed

Not much looks better than a well manicured lawn and nothing takes away from it like a weed or overgrown plant. Mowing, trimming and pruning are pretty self explanatory but many people make a slight mistake when it comes to the weeds. Don’t forget that when you spray the weeds with weed killer that they won’t just go away on their own, remember to go around and throw them away after the weed killer has done its job.

#8 Give Your Yard Some Nightlife

Most of us have company over in the evening or at least they tend to leave after dark, so consider adding some solar lights. You can install them with a simple rubber hammer and illuminate the path leading up to your front door, the back patio, an outdoor kitchen and even throughout your gardens.

#9 Fill Empty Spaces

Take a quick look around your yard and look for empty spaces between trees and in your gardens. There’s no need to buy an expensive yard ornament, just pick out some flowers, a shrub or even some solar lights to brighten up those dark boring spaces.

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