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Discover 6 simple ways you can renovate your home’s exterior

Exterior Renovation Projects that Pay Off

Whether you’re replacing your roofing, upgrading your siding, building a new deck or faux stone wall, an improvement project can be rewarding in many ways. However, according to according to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com) report, many home remodeling projects do not recoup the homeowner’s initial investment. As a homeowner, this is not only bad news; it probably contradicts everything you have ever heard about improving your home. This trend however, does not always apply to all projects and building materials including products such as GenStone.

According to the same report, a manufactured stone veneer project in the Rocky Mountain region scored the highest percentage in terms of recovered investment when compared to 18 other home improvement projects. Additionally, a faux stone project was ranked second among the national averages, behind only installing new insulation in your attic. In light of these facts, lets explore six ways you can improve your home’s exterior by helping you complete a variety of DIY home projects.

Stacked Stone Retaining Wall

Building a stone wall can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Acting as a barrier, rock walls serve a functional purpose retaining the soil behind it. More commonly known as retaining walls, these structures are usually created using concrete blocks, stone or timbers. Rock walls can also be visually pleasing if constructed with large boulders or made aesthetically appealing by applying a layer of dry stack stone.

First you need to determine what look you are going after and when it comes to a faux stone wall you have two choices: stacked stone or rock walls. That’s right, we said faux stone! Your old concrete block retaining wall can by transformed with the look of rock or dry stack stone quickly and affordably with faux stone panels. You can even construct a new railing on your patio or divider wall along a walkway to add visual appeal to an otherwise drab space.

Patio Projects

Improving your patio can be one of the most worthwhile home enhancement projects. Patios are a popular place to shoot the breeze with family and friends during summertime gatherings and a focal point of for many homebuyers regardless of the season. While constructing a new patio can be cost prohibitive, improving its ambiance is easy with faux stone panels. The patio project above transformed an ordinary wood deck into an outdoor living room. Who knew what some trendy wicker patio furniture and adding stone veneer to key areas could do for your outdoor living space!

Columns and Pillars

Pillars and columns are vital, functional supports for the structure of your property. But if ignored, mismatched or awkwardly positioned, pillars and columns damage the aesthetic value of your home. Faux stone columns give plain, unimaginative supports a distinguished, professional look that enhances the continuity of your exterior faux stone wall.

Before Exterior Home ImprovementAfter Exterior Home Improvement
Curb Appeal

Realtors and professional house flippers agree, a home’s curb appeal can make or break a deal. While this may not matter to you now if you’re not planning on selling your home, you should take not that your home’s curb appeal is the first impression made to your guests. Replacing your front door, adding some new plants or even a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal, but a full-scale stone veneer project can take it to a whole new level.

Faux stone veneer panels aren’t limited to providing accents and accessories. Large-scale applications of GenStone can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your property. Replacing outdated siding with the bold colors of faux stone panels makes a confident statement about you and your home or business.

Exposed Foundation

Covering your home or business’ foundation with faux stone or brick panels improves the stability and aesthetic value of your property. The proven durability of GenStone products means the property’s foundation will be protected against all of the elements, including severe weather and moisture. Faux brick and stone veneer panels also are an obvious upgrade to the bare, skeletal appearance of an uncovered foundation.

Cohesive Design – Unify Your Home with its Surroundings

If natural materials such as large rocks, boulders or even stone pathways surround your home, creating a cohesive design by adding a stone wall can is an exterior design trend and can dramatically improve the exterior look of your home. The problem is, adding stone walls to an existing home can not only be difficult and expensive, it can become a structural project.

These homeowners wanted to connect the exterior of their home with the hardscape patio and pond. A masonry dry stack stone wall was out of the question and would have blown the budget so they turned to faux stone wall panels to accomplish the feat. The rugged stone texture offers a nice balance when seen in eyeshot with the tranquil pond water.

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