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Competitive comparisons and general GenStone installation tips

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The season for home improvements is approaching and you’ve been scouring Houzz, the Internet and magazines looking for home improvement ideas.

There are the usual home improvement options: new paint, countertops and even creative ideas like how to make an industrial looking light fixture out of mason jars, but there’s one look that catches your eye year after year. A great way to actually improve the curb appeal of your home.

You love the look of stoe, but it’s just too expensive and until now, it’s never been a DIY job. What if we told you these photos you’ve been drawn to are actually faux stone and not any ordinary faux stone, it’s GenStone, a do-it-yourself friendly stone, rock and brick system that costs about half as much as traditional masonry work and looks just as authentic.

Simulated stone products have been available for years. These products, include what is often called “cultured stone” which is really nothing more than cement made to look like stone or “stone veneer” which before GenStone, well just wasn’t really a look you wanted.

GenStone is different. GenStone is cast from real stone, rock and brick, which captures the unique textures and shapes of these natural materials. All while being composed of high-density closed-cell polyurethane, which means it’s lightweight, provides additional insulation for energy efficiency and best of all, it’s very easy to install with basic tools.

Lets take a look at what sets GenStone apart from cast stone and even natural stone:


GenStone only weights one to one and a half pounds per square foot which means, no heavy equipment is necessary and there’s no need to visit an engineer before you install. Cast stone on the other hand weighs twice as much.

Insulation Value:

GenStone has an R-value of 3.6 per inch of thickness which greatly reduces heating and cooling loss from conduction.

Easy to Install:

GenStone installs from the box to the wall in minutes. It can be cut easily with a skill or hand saw and attached using only a screw gun and deck screws making GenStone truly a do-it-yourself product and eliminating the need to hire a mason.


GenStone is impact resistant extremely durable and backed by our 25 year warranty. Let’s take a look!

How Does the GenStone System Work?

Let’s explore the basic system, which includes panels, a corner piece, ledger and trim.

Step 1:

Snap a chalk line to ensure you are working level.

Step 2:

Start with the corner and work left to right making sure the corner is square and level. Screw corner to the wall applying screws to the positive shiplap edge

Apply adhesive to the back of the next panel then screw the panel to the wall with non-corrosive deck screws every 8″ along the shiplap.

Step 3:

Put 3 or 4 screws in the face about 2″ above the bottom in the grout line and cover with color-matched caulk or touch up paint.

Measure, Cut, Attach, Repeat:

Measure for your next panel, make a cut if necessary. Put a thin film of caulk on the shiplap of the last panel you attached and then add your next panel by repeating the process described in steps 1 and 2.

Here’s 3 Tips on How to Finish Your DIY Project Like a Pro:

1. Overcoming Obstacles

If you run into an obstacle, you can also use the trim pieces around doors, windows and other obstacles. Just cut the trim and GenStone panels square to fit.

2. Completing a Wall

When you approach the end of a wall, you will finish up with either a corner, corner panel or by cutting the end of a panel to be flat and even with a wall, door or window.

3. Use Our Full Line of Accessories

Our trim and ledgers are the primary pieces that make up a full line of accessories.


The ledger is designed to rest on the shiplap of the panel. It can be installed on the wall with an adhesive on the back of the ledger and/or screws. The screws can be either toe-nailed to fit under flashing or face screwed and covered with color-matched caulk.


As we mentioned before, the trim pieces can be used to overcome obstacles like utility boxes or to frame out doors and windows with a complimentary look. Some projects even use our trim pieces in accent areas to give the overall area a cohesive look. These versatile trim pieces can also be installed with either screws or adhesive.

Additional Accessories:

We realize that no two projects are the same, so accompanying our trim and ledgers are 5 more accessories you can utilize to make your install easier and seamless.

Corner Panels

The corner panel offers a less expensive corner feature and can be used with a half panel to form a complete system. With its 1 inch return, the corner panel is the perfect way to cover a wall and wrap your faux stone around a corner terminating into another siding product.

Corner Ledger

The corner ledger works effortlessly with the corner piece and is the best way to continue the ledger around a corner. The corner ledger like the straight ledger is designed to rest on the shiplap of the corner piece and can be installed in the same way as the straight ledger.

The Half Panel

The half panel can also be used with installations where there is a great deal of cutting and fitting thereby reducing waste.

Inside Corner

The inside corner can be used rather than mitering the panels. Simply put an adhesive suitable for polyurethane on the back side and back corners and position it into the corner. The panels when cut flat will position snugly up against the inside corner.

Color Matched Caulk and Paint Kits

Apply color matched caulk. Color matched caulk and paint kits are available to complete the job and give your project a professional appearance.

Introducing GenStone Pillar Panel Kits

That wraps up the basic GenStone system. But what about those old pillars and columns? After all, for most homes, a square post is part of the first impression your home makes. Now these can easily have the look of stone.

Watch how quickly this pillar is transformed using our 5 piece kit!

Remember, with GenStone your only limit is your imagination.

Need Help? We’re Listening

Our team is here to help! No matter where you are in the process of planning your project, we are available to answer any questions you have about our faux stone system. Send us a message on your favorite social media platform or give us a call to get in touch with our support team.

You can also visit our help center for answers to our most frequently asked questions or open a support ticket if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

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