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Stacked Stone

Project Planning
Learn how to determine the number of panels and accessories you will need for your project and discover the first step you should take before installing any panels.
How To Pre Install
Overcoming Obstacles
Installing GenStone around obstacles such as hose spigots, electrical outlets and light fixtures is quick and easy if you follow these steps.
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12″ Return Panels
The 12" right and left return panels are easy to install and feature a 1" finished edge delivering a professionally looking finish to any project.
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Inside Corners
The inside corner panel is unique to the GenStone system. It makes transferring through a 90º inside corner simple without the need to miter.
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Outside Corners
The outside corner panel provides an effective starting point as well as eliminates the need to miter panels to transition around a 90º corner.
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Recreating Shiplap Edges
Recreating the positive and negative shiplap edges can be easily accomplished with a saw and knife to ensure close fitting connections.
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