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How Much Do I Need
Follow these simple formulas and guides to estimate how many stacked stone or brick veneer panels and accessories you will need to complete your project.
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5 Common Questions & Solutions
Installing faux stone is a much simpler process than working with natural stone. Find out why anyone with basic carpentry skills can install faux stone.
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Overcoming Obstacles with Faux Stone
Obstacles like hose bibs, light fixtures and speakers may be intimidating at first, but you can overcome this hurdles with the right strategy and accessories.
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Tips to Finish Like a Pro
The installation of stone veneer siding is as simple as measure, cut and attach. Here's 22 tips to finish your faux stone project like a pro!
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Installing Faux Stone Checklist
What materials exactly do you need to complete most GenStone installations? Get a pricing and materials list here!
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Chicago Specs
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