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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Mark’s Skirting Under the Windows
A small project that accents your home can make a big impact. Check out the before and after of this skirting under the windows project!
Dustin’s Faux Stone Driveway Columns
This customer used our faux stone for a simple DIY project on his driveway gate columns, making the first thing people see stand out.
Kent’s DIY Wainscoting and Pillars
Our Stacked Stone was used for this DIY wainscoting and pillars project, and it upgraded the home's curb appeal. Check out the before and after photos!
Josh’s Electric Fireplace and TV Wall
The electric fireplace and TV wall has emerged as a trend. Check out the before and after of this entertainment center and fireplace!
Lisa & Barry’s Maintenance Free Deck Skirting
This ambitious stone deck skirting and post wraps project gave these customers maintenance-free siding for their gorgeous backyard.
Deck Skirting With Faux Stone
This customer refreshed their deck skirting with faux stone, making their outdated deck stand out. Check out the before and after photos!
Robert’s DIY Wainscoting Under Windows
Robert used our Stratford Stacked Stone for a DIY wainscoting under the windows project, creating window trim.
Design Ideas for Over the Fireplace
Fireplace projects are one of the most popular design ideas we see from our customers, and this project over the fireplace came out great!
DIY Siding Remodel Project Before and After
Stratford Stacked Stone transformed this home exterior siding in a DIY remodel project. Check out the before and after photos!
Wraparound Porch Wainscoting
This customer had a new three-season wraparound porch they wanted to upgrade with Stratford Stacked Stone to complete a wainscoting project.
Stone Veneer Around Windows Wainscoting DIY Project
This customer used our Stratford Stacked Stone panels for a wainscoting project that put stone veneer around their windows.
Interior Stone Column Wrap
Our interior stone column wrap kits brought a clean, sophisticated finish to the room, and the colors complement the rest of the decor. 
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