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The Starks’ Home Exterior DIY Project
Our stacked stone is a popular solution for an easy DIY skirting project to transform your home exterior in a weekend.
Matthew’s Porch Pillars
GenStone's DIY porch pillars will make you the envy of your neighborhood. Our pillar wraps bring unique beauty to your curb appeal.
Mike’s Faux Stone Home Exterior
Are you looking to upgrade your home foundation skirting? This DIY faux stone home exterior project can be done in a weekend!
Laura’s Home Siding Ideas
Are you looking for ideas to upgrade your home siding? This wainscoting project shows how easy it is the upgrade your home's exterior!
Josh’s DIY Patio
Josh's patio was a plain beige wall, and he was looking for a way to upgrade his patio to give it a fresher look. For this DIY backyard patio project, he chose our Stratford Stacked Stone panels to complement the darker tones of his home’s trim and contrast the paint job.
Derek’s Exterior Home Siding
Looking to transform your home's exterior? Derek's home exterior siding, skirting, and front porch pillar wraps project has great DIY ideas!
Stone Veneer Chimney
Stone Veneer Chimney DIY project to update your property features. GenStone's Stratford Stacked Stone Panels are used to give curb appeal by accenting the chimney.
Outdoor Business Sign Ideas
Check out this outdoor business sign build using Stacked Stone Panels. GenStone's Engineered Faux Stone Panels, are Affordable, Durable and Lightweight.
Chimney Wall Cover
Stunning Stone Accents DIY project using GenStone Stratford Faux Stone Panels and Pillars Siding to Update Your Homes Curb Appeal with Accent Wall and Chimney Cover.
Exterior Cladding Stone
See Exterior Home Designer curb appeal facelift using Stratford Stacked Stone Panels by GenStone to complement this home's natural surroundings.
Commercial Stone Entrance
Improve Your Business Curb Appeal with Stratford Stacked Stone Exterior Panels. GenStone's Panel System is Affordable Lightweight, and Easy to Install.
Gary’s Outdoor Deck Remodel Idea
See how Gary George, a DIY rookie, was able to completely remodel his small back deck on his own using GenStone faux stone products. Check out his remodel here!
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