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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Woody’s DIY Basement Wall
As part of a larger DIY basement remodel project, this customer created an accent wall. Take a look at these before and after photos!
Tom’s Stone Facade for the Front of the House
This faux stone facade project for the front of this house upgraded this exterior! Check out the before and after photos!
Stacked Stone Siding, Before and After
GenStone Keystone Stacked Stone panels complete a beautiful exterior siding remodel. See before and after photos.
Wanda’s Easy DIY Outdoor Kitchen
Our Keystone Stacked Stone panels made an easy DIY outdoor kitchen for the countertop next to the barbeque in this customer's yard.
Joseph’s Siding Update Before and After
Check out the before and after photos of our Keystone stone veneer in a siding update, and the outcome was transformational.
DIY Deck Skirting Ideas
GenStone offers elegant solutions for covering exterior concrete foundations or other outdated deck skirting.
Dan’s Stone Veneer Garage Front
This customer opted for Keystone Stacked Stone to put stone veneer around his garage front to make it stand out and be more inviting.
Arvin’s Fireplace and TV Wall Design
One wall can make a dramatic impact on a room. See before and after pictures of this fireplace and TV wall design.
Keystone Garden Wainscoting Idea
One of the most significant advantages to using faux stone panels and ledgers for a garden wainscoting project is the ease of installation.
Keystone Patio Wainscot and Posts Project
Keystone Stacked Stone panels and pillar panels accent this porch, Even a small project can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.
Metal Business Siding Ideas
Keystone Stacked Stone stands out beautifully against this beige metal building and complements the green accents.
DIY Flagpole
Keystone Faux Stacked Stone pillar panels bring a clean and sophisticated finish to this DIY flagpole base.
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