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Lupita’s Stacked Stone Electric Fireplace
The electric fireplace accent wall is a popular use of our Stacked Stone panels since it allows you to create a fireplace for your home.
Tim’s Fireplace Hearth Design
Tim was looking for a way to upgrade his fireplace hearth design, and he selected our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels for the project.
Stacked Stone Breakfast Bar
Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone made this DIY breakfast bar stand out. It's so easy to install; it only took 4 hours to complete!
Recording Studio Accent Wall
Mark livened up his recording studio with an accent wall from GenStone and finished the look with some lights to bring out the color and highlight the beauty.
Bryant’s Home Exterior Remodel Idea
GenStone helped this customer remodel their home exterior with the look and feel of natural stone, without the cost or weight it comes with.
Linda’s DIY Patio Pillars Project
This beautiful patio project was made simple with our easy-to-use pillars kits! This post wraps project leaves Linda with a beautiful patio!
DIY Front Porch Remodel
Small projects can make a big impact, and this customer certainly proved that with their DIY front porch project using Desert Sunrise.
Andy’s Stacked Stone Study Design
Add color and texture to your study with GenStone stacked stone panels. Easy DIY projects that can be completed in a weekend.
Faux Stone Exterior Chimney Refacing Project Idea
Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels were used on this home's exterior chimney to reface it, creating a beautiful, elegant look.
Exterior Wainscoting Under Windows Project Idea
See how our customer completed a relatively simple installation of exterior wainscoting under their windows.
Terri’s Easy DIY Siding
This GenStone customer installed our easy DIY home siding in two days in 30-degree weather! Take a look at these before and after photos.
Don’s Stacked Stone Outdoor Kitchen
Faux stone panels look like natural stone, are easy to install, and budget-friendly. Panels come in several colors and patterns.
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