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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Ted’s DIY Garage Wainscoting Project
This GenStone customer installed our Coffee Stacked Stone panels for a small DIY wainscoting project on his garage with a big impact.
Deck Repair Covering Idea
View this deck repair that needed covering to get ideas on how GenStone stacked stone panels can transform your outdoor living space.
Jennifer’s TV and Fireplace Wall Design
Learn about Coffee Stacked Stone used to design a TV and fireplace wall adding a professional finish to the room.
DIY Garage Siding
Coffee Stacked Stone panels used in a DIY garage siding project gives this garage an authentic and natural aesthetic and makes it stand out.
Patty’s GenStone Siding and Hurricane Laura
GenStone exterior siding completely untouched by the Cat 4 Hurricane, proving how durable GenStone's products truly are.
Stone Fireplace Design
Coffee Stacked Stone panels were used to design a fireplace surround and ledger pieces create a shelf along the fireplace’s top.
Minot’s Easy Home Siding
Go big with a easy DIY home siding project and transform your home for less cost than hiring a stone mason. See for yourself!
Mike’s Faux Stone Home Exterior
Are you looking to upgrade your home foundation skirting? This DIY faux stone home exterior project can be done in a weekend!
Julian’s Porch Pillars
GenStone customer Julian took advantage of our porch pillar kits to complete a unique yet simple DIY home exterior project. Our Coffee Stacked Stone Pillar panels easily screw into existing columns, making this project a low-stress, high-impact DIY patio project.
Dan’s DIY Porch Pillars
Upgrade your home exterior with these DIY porch pillars. These exterior pillar ideas are a great DIY project from GenStone!
DIY Driveway Pillars
DIY Project using Coffee Stacked Stone Pillar Panels to Reface Driveway Pillars. GenStone's Panels are affordable, Lightweight and Easy to Install.
Steven’s Front Entry Wainscoting Project
Steven's Front Entry Wainscoting Project, GenStone is an easy to install exterior siding alternative. Browse GenStone's siding alternatives for more ideas!
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