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Ted’s Faux Stone Exterior Accents
If you want to add some accents to your home exterior, try our faux stone. Take a look at this before and after project!
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John’s Faux Stone Bay Window Siding
Upgrade your home siding and frame your bay windows with faux stone, like John did in this DIY project. Take a look at his project!
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Siding Designs
Upgrade your curb appeal with smart siding panels by GenStone. DIY panel siding design with a stacked stone pattern is easy to install.
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Stone Veneer Around Windows Wainscoting DIY Project
This customer used our Stratford Stacked Stone panels for a wainscoting project that put stone veneer around their windows.
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Tom’s Modern House Exterior
Tom's Modern House Exterior, Featuring stacked stone created a modern color scheme and texture throughout. GenStone can help you decorate your home.
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Exterior Wainscoting Under Windows Project Idea
See how our customer completed a relatively simple installation of exterior wainscoting under their windows.
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