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Don’s Stone Veneer Outdoor Kitchen
Our stone veneer is perfect for any outdoor kitchen. It is easy to install and cut to fit around your cabinets, refrigerator and more.
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Josh’s Faux Stone DIY Patio Grill
Looking to upgrade your BBQ? Faux stone can add depth and texture to your patio grill and you can DIY the whole thing, like this customer did.
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Teresas Keystone Outdoor Kitchen
Teresa’s DIY Outdoor Kitchen Project
If you're building an outdoor kitchen & need ideas, see how the project was made simple for Teresa & her family with GenStone. Start your DIY project now!
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DIY Outdoor BBQ Island
Outdoor BBQ Island
DIY Outdoor Grill Station, Stacked Stone Outdoor BBQ Island with Grill Station & Bar. GenStone can help you with Do it Yourself Outdoor Island ideas.
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Rich’s Faux Stone Barbeque
Give your patio a new look by adding faux stone to your barbeque in a simple DIY cover project. Take a look at this BBQ for inspiration!
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Keystone Faux Stone BBQ Station
Brent’s Faux Stone BBQ Station
Looking for a way to improve your grill? Take a look at this beautiful faux stone BBQ station project! The stone veneer brings it to life!
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Glenn’s Faux Stone Outdoor BBQ Island
Want to upgrade our outdoor BBQ island? Faux stone is an affordable and easy to install way to bring character to your outdoor BBQ island!
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Tom’s Faux Stone DIY Grill
Looking to give your BBQ a little something special? Take a look at this beautiful DIY grill project using our faux stone.
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Northern Slate Faux Stone Outdoor Kitchen Project
Michael’s Faux Stone Outdoor Kitchen Project
Michael decided to complete an outdoor kitchen project using our faux stone. Take a look at the video of his gorgeous project!
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An accent wall behind a grill to protect the siding, using Kenai Stacked Stone panels.
Paul’s Grill Accent Wall
Need to protect your siding from the heat of your BBQ? Take a look at this DIY grill accent wall that uses our Kenai Stacked Stone!
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A Stone Veneer BBQ Island project using Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels.
Nick’s Stone Veneer BBQ Island
Want inspiration for your BBQ? Check out Nick's BBQ island project that uses our Iron Ore stone veneer panels!
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Kris’ Faux Stone Patio Grill
GenStone's faux stone is excellent for a DIY project refacing your patio grill and BBQ station. Take a look at how to upgrade your BBQ!
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Kevin’s DIY Porch BBQ & Planter Box
Faux stone is great for a DIY update of your porch BBQ and redesigning your planter box also. Check out Kevin's before and after photos!
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Faux Stone BBQ
The patio barbeque is the perfect DIY application for our faux stone. Take a look at this customer's faux stone BBQ!
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Kenai Stacked Stone BBQ Outdoor Kitchen
Jamie’s DIY Stone BBQ Design
Check out Jamie's DIY BBQ grill area for design ideas and GenStone will help you find the perfect faux stone. Build your own stone BBQ area today!
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