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Stone veneer skirting to accent the home exterior

DIY Decorative Skirting

One of the most common applications of our panels is DIY decorative wainscoting projects. GenStone customer Roclynn used our Northern Slate Stacked Stone panels for this skirting project to accent their home and add a little pop to it. The blues and grays of our Northern Slate panels match this blue home perfectly and even complements the gravel surrounding their flower bed. This stone veneer skirting project significantly upped this home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

One of the primary benefits of choosing our faux stone panels is the ease of installation. Many GenStone projects — including Roclynn’s DIY decorative wainscoting  — can be completed in a single weekend, saving you time and money from the costly and extended construction timelines of a professional mason.

For years, the faux stone industry was filled with low-quality products that could not be trusted to withstand the elements. But GenStone products have been proven through professional durability testing, providing a durable and beautiful siding solution for homeowners and businesses everywhere.

Why GenStone

Our faux stone panels look as authentic as real stone, are easy to install, and budget-friendly. These panels come in several color options, allowing homeowners or business owners to choose the right stone pattern and color for their projects.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: SkirtingWainscot
Categories: Project Photos
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