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Rich’s Faux Stone Barbeque

Update your barbeque with a simple DIY project

Faux Stone Barbeque

One of the most popular projects we see from our customers is a DIY barbeque cover. GenStone customer Rich Cooper used our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels to cover his barbeque. The result is a beautiful barbeque that gives Rich a great place to entertain family and friends while upping his curb appeal and property value.

We designed our faux stone to be DIY friendly so that a project like Rich’s barbeque can be completed in a single weekend! Our panels are so lightweight that you can complete your project without hiring a professional, saving you time and money.

GenStone’s panels have been thoroughly tested for durability, so your faux stone barbeque can withstand rain, wind, and is impact-resistant. They are also Class A Fire Rated, so your barbeque cover can withstand the heat when you are cooking and entertaining.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s faux stone is a beautiful addition to any project, both inside and outside of the house. Our panels are cast from natural stone and are hand-painted to ensure that your project has an authentic look and feel!

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: BBQ
Categories: Project Photos
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