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Cat’s Faux Fireplace Design
Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels create a beautiful faux fireplace wall design. See it in these before and after photos.
Brian’s Electric Fireplace Design
The TV and fireplace are both natural focal points, and the Iron Ore makes it stand out as the centerpiece of this room design.
Gerald’s Living Room With Fireplace Design
Living room corner fireplace design becomes the centerpiece of the room using Desert Stone Stacked Stone panels.
Arvin’s Fireplace and TV Wall Design
One wall can make a dramatic impact on a room. See before and after pictures of this fireplace and TV wall design.
Adrianne’s Fireplace Surround Design Ideas
DIY fireplace surround design replaces an old stone chimney and surround updating it and creating an impactful centerpiece in the room.
Fireplace Design Ideas
Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels added a dramatic contrast to this living room as part of a remodeling project. View before and after pictures.
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