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Burt’s Faux Stone Sink Backsplash
GenStone's faux stone panels are the perfect choice for a bathroom sink backsplash. Take a look at this simple DIY project!
Crystal’s DIY Faux Stone Bathtub
GenStone's faux stone is perfect for a DIY bathtub lining project. It's waterproof and makes any bathroom feel like a spa!
Michael’s DIY Bathroom Accent Wall
This project added a DIY accent wall to a small half bathroom, bringing the wall to life and adding depth and texture. Take a look!
Kevin’s Faux Stone Bathroom Remodel
Are you looking for ideas to remodel your bathroom? This faux stone DIY project gave this bathroom a fresh, new look.
Twana’s Stacked Stone Shower
For ideas on custom shower design, check out Twana's unique faux tile shower wall panels. Browse GenStone's stacked stone shower walls for more ideas today!
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