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Refacing Brick Exterior
Reface your home's old brick with new stacked stone siding. GenStone's Desert Sunrise faux stacked stone panels are affordable, lightweight and easy to install.
Shelton’s Front Door Design
See Shelton's Front Door Design, blending the brick and wooden textures of this front door redesign is easy with GenStone's stacked stone wall panels.
Twana’s Stacked Stone Shower
For ideas on custom shower design, check out Twana's unique faux tile shower wall panels. Browse GenStone's stacked stone shower walls for more ideas today!
Richard’s Koi Pond Design
Learn how to build a DIY koi pond using Richard's koi pond design & ideas! Using GenStone's stacked stone veneers, he created unique decorative landscaping.
Kim’s Front Porch Column Idea
Transform your front porch columns with faux stone column wraps from GenStone! These residential units now have a unique appearance thanks to Kim's idea.
Siding for Jim’s Home
If you're looking for ideas on how to put faux stone siding on your house, check out Jim's project! GenStone has a great selection of siding for homes.
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