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Lee’s Stone Veneer Porch Skirting

An easy upgrade to your home's curb appeal

Stone Veneer Porch Skirting

One of the most popular uses for our stone veneer panels is wrapping skirting around the home or porch. GenStone customer Lee Wasson was looking to upgrade their home’s exterior by installing our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels as skirting for their porch. This project had a transformational effect, giving them a beautiful stone veneer porch skirting that looks like it was installed professionally.

GenStone’s products are quick and easy to install, giving you beautiful stone veneer skirting that can be completed in a single weekend, depending on the size of the project! In addition, our stone veneer is waterproof and requires no maintenance. This is an easy stone veneer porch skirting project that can give you a beautiful, authentic look without the time and construction that using real stone would take.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s stone veneer panels are great for interior and exterior home projects. Our panels are cast from natural stone, so they have the look and feel of the real thing, but without the construction costs, extended timelines, and the mess that mortar leaves behind. No one will be able to guess your project was not made from real stone!

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: PorchSkirting
Categories: Project Photos
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