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Kris’ Faux Stone Patio Grill

Use GenStone for a DIY BBQ station

Faux Stone DIY Patio BBQ Grill Station

Patio grill stations are one of the most popular uses of GenStone. Customer Kris Cornwell used our Vanilla Bean Stacked Stone product on their DIY patio BBQ station to give them a partial outdoor kitchen, with space for a mini-fridge and some cupboards, along with the full grill. The result was a beautiful DIY BBQ station that gives them a great place to entertain family and friends and upping their curb appeal and property value.

We designed our faux stone to be DIY friendly so that a project like Kris’ DIY BBQ station can be completed in a single weekend! Our panels are so lightweight that you can complete your project without hiring a professional, saving you time and money.

GenStone’s panels have been thoroughly tested for durability, so your DIY BBQ station can withstand rain, wind, and are impact-resistant. They are also Class A Fire Rated, so your faux stone patio grill can withstand the heat when you are cooking and entertaining.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s faux stone is a beautiful addition to any project, both inside and outside of the house. Our panels are cast from natural stone and are hand-painted to ensure that your patio grill has an authentic look and feel!

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: BBQ
Categories: Project Photos
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