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Ellie’s DIY Home Exterior Siding

Home exterior renovations with stacked stone panels

Easy DIY Siding 

GenStone products can transform a home or business from bland to beautiful. GenStone customer Ellie Emerich was looking to do exactly that on their home exterior siding, covering up a bland paint job with our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone product. Ellie was able to complete this DIY siding project in just a single weekend, and the result looks like it was professionally done. The Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone matches the red in the trim of the home, and it beautifully complements the color of the front patio. 

Our faux stone panels offer a classic aesthetic appeal that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for DIY siding solutions, GenStone is a great way to upgrade your curb appeal through a full home exterior siding transformation or a wainscoting project. With GenStone, you can be confident that your project will withstand the most volatile weather conditions while requiring minimal maintenance.

Why GenStone

GenStone’s faux stone panels are an excellent addition to any interior or exterior project. Our panels are easy to install and cast from natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel.

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: Siding Transformation
Categories: Project Photos
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