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DIY Tiny Home Siding

Complete your tiny home design with a decorative wall panel wainscot

DIY Column Wrap

You can make a big impact on your tiny home with GenStone faux stone panels. GenStone customers California Tiny Homes supplied a local business with one of their beautiful homes to be used as a photo studio. The exterior of the tiny home features decorative wall panels, including a DIY column wrap on the home’s chimney.   

Tiny Home Siding

In addition to the column wrap, California Tiny Homes used our Kenai Stacked Stone product to complete the tiny home siding. The exterior project combined the column wrap with a wainscoting addition to the bottom of the home and to the front display area. The exterior decorative wall panels are also complemented by an interior project, a small fireplace surround that completes the cozy, holiday theme. 

About GenStone

GenStone’s interior and exterior product lines are excellent additions to any home or business. Our panels are easy to install, and their authentic look and feel will transform your property from bland to beautiful. For more information on any of our panel products, contact us at 1-800-425-0788!

Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: ColumnsWainscot
Categories: Project Photos
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