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Allan’s Office Accent Wall

See how stacked stone patterns can update a professional space

The lobby area of any office is important because it is the first impression made on potential customers and prospective employees. Ask yourself, what does my office entry or lobby say about our company or organization? If your answer is something like, we’re drab, behind the times or we’re simply not excited to invite visitors to our office space, it’s probably time to consider how accent wall ideas like Allan’s can transform a room but and the perception of those who enter it.

An Easy Accent Wall Idea

While painting an accent wall and filling it with art, shelving or other interesting finds is certainly an option, a stone wall will almost always make a greater impact on the look and feel of a space. The reason many do-it-yourselfers shy away from a stacked stone wall like Allan’s is not only because of the expense but also because most weekend warriors lack masonry skills.

This stacked stone accent wall is arguably as easy to accomplish as using paint to create an accent wall. That’s right, GenStone stone veneer can be installed by anyone quickly and easily. GenStone stone veneer panels are designed to fit together seamlessly to create an accent wall that appears to be constructed with natural stone materials. Each panel is extremely light weight, can be cut to size with an ordinary table saw and attached with screws.

About GenStone-I

Unlike most other faux stone products, GenStone comes in specially formulated interior or exterior lines designed for the rigors and tests the product may experience in each situation. Allan used GenStone-I for his project which is NFPA and IBC Class A fire rated for flame spread and can be attached with ordinary drywall screws.

Upgrade Area: Interior
Project Type: Accent Wall
Categories: Project Photos
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