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Transform Your Fence into a Faux Stone Wall

Save Money Over Real Stone

Faux Stone Over Your Existing Fence

Your fence is for more than your privacy, it is a backdrop for your gardens or pool, it can support planters and be used for decoration, and it can help you keep some plants under control. So, deciding what to do with your fence is an important choice.

A stone fence is beautiful, and it gives your home that classic, traditional look. However, to have your fence made from actual stone is expensive and it can take some time. Applying faux stone to your already existing fence instead will give you that beautiful, classic look you expect from stone, but you can get it in a matter of hours for a fraction of the price.

DIY Stone Spa Siding

This popular GenStone hot tub surround was created with Desert Sunrise panels, two inside corners, ledgers and an inside corner ledger.

If you want a more privacy fence than your current fence, faux stone is a great option and it provides a great backdrop against your garden, pool, or a hot tub like this one. It is just as attractive as natural stone, but much more affordable and lightweight, and you can do it yourself. You can easily apply faux stone to a wooden fence, and with a little more work, you can even transform your chain link fence into a faux stone fence. Both of these projects can easily be done over a weekend.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences on their own do not have much for the stone to adhere to, so the first thing to do is attach chicken wire to the fence. Give it at least two layers of chicken wire to make sure there is plenty of material there for the faux stone to adhere to. Make sure it is wrapped tightly around the fence.

From here, we recommend attaching a thin layer of plywood over the chain links to provide a nice flat substrate for the faux stone panels. Next, prepare your faux stone panels for installation. Measure the stone and, using a straight edge pencil, mark on the back of the panels where to cut them down.

To cut the pieces down, you can use a compound miter saw, a hand saw, or jigsaw; the miter saw is the best of the three for the job. Once everything is cut, you can use a utility knife or sander to correct any blemishes left behind from the cutting process.

Now that everything has been trimmed, it is time to apply the adhesive to the panels and attach them to the fence.

What About a Wooden Fence?

Using a wooden fence is much easier than the chain fence, and with wood, you also have the option to create panels that you can move around when you need to. This will allow you to open up parts of your yard for a party or close them off to keep your dogs better corralled.

Applying the faux stone to the wooden fence or panels is similar to applying it to the siding of your house, and it can give you an attractive fence in just a few hours for the fraction of the price of building your own stone walls.

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