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6 Stacked Stone and 4 Brick Colors

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Exterior and Class A Interior Panels

Anyone can install GenStone! Simply measure, cut and attach

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Anyone Can Install GenStone!

For spaces smaller than a panel, measure the width and height, and then mark the back of the panel.
Panels and accessories are attached with adhesive on the back and screws in the shiplap.
GenStone can be cut to size easily with a hand saw, table saw or circular saw.


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Stratford Stacked Stone
"This product was extremely easy to install and with the offset corners, the product looks as real as it gets. What I especially like is the added benefits of the R value and noise reduction because of the dense foam. I compared this product to others and I think this product has the best definition, gives it a very real look when installed."
Doug R, Eldridge, Iowa
Teresa's GenStone Stacked Stone Keystone Project
Kenai Class A Interior
"Most of my basement was done by contractors but I did carve out a couple of projects to do by myself. I am not an expert in construction by any means, but if you can measure, cut with saws, drill and glue, you can do this too."
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Tom's GenStone Stacked Stone Keystone Project



Kenai Stacked Stone
"It dramatically changed the look of our house and lots of compliments from our neighbors and I think it really upped the value of our house."
Teresa's GenStone Stacked Stone Keystone Project
Keystone Stacked Stone
"Everything turned out excellent and we couldn't be more happy with the end result of what everything looks like here. I would definitely have anybody use this product, it looks like real stone, everything is excellent."
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Can GenStone be installed over brick or concrete?
Yes! GenStone can be applied directly over existing brick or a concrete wall or foundation using PL adhesive on the back as well as Tapcon screws along the shiplap edge.
How can I see a sample before I buy?
We have 12" x 12" samples available in all colors and styles. We recommend purchasing the style(s) you like and actually install it in the area you plan to improve. That way, you can see how the colors look in different lighting throughout the day.
How many pieces make up the GenStone system?
The stacked stone and brick systems have their own combination of panels, 90º corner panels, ledgers and trim. You can see the shapes and sizes of the stacked stone system here and the brick system here.
Can GenStone be installed inside?
Absolutely! All GenStone colors and sizes come in both premium exterior and Class A rated interior compositions. Both include the same easy to install panels and accessories. Just remember to use deck screws outside and drywall screws inside!