Refacing Brick Exterior
Reface your home's old brick with new stacked stone siding. GenStone's Desert Sunrise faux stacked stone panels are affordable, lightweight and easy to install.
Gary’s Outdoor Deck Remodel Idea
See how Gary George, a DIY rookie, was able to completely remodel his small back deck on his own using GenStone faux stone products. Check out his remodel here!
Tom’s Wainscot Paneling Project
Wainscoting Paneling Project adds Curb Appeal and Value to this Alaska Home. GenStone's Wainscot Paneling Kit is the Best Choice Harsh weather Climates.
Do-It-Yourself Stacked Stone Siding
Upgrade your curb appeal and property value with this simple house exterior project using GenStone Exterior Wall board Panel and Corner Siding System.
Brick Veneer Home Renovation
Renovate your homes outdated foundation and chimney with easy to install, low-cost brick veneer panels. Check out GenStone's home Renovation Ideas.
Textured Panels on Tim’s Home
GenStone Faux Stone Panels offers a Complete Exterior Solution. Waterproof siding for harsh climates. Increase the value of your property DIY project.
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