Wendy’s Stone and Wood House
For a great idea on installing paneling walls, browse Wendy's unique wood & stone home exterior! With GenStone's help, she improved her home's looks easily.
Walter’s Exterior Home Remodel
For home exterior remodel ideas, browse Walter's before and after portfolio. Lightweight, modern exterior siding panels from GenStone are easy to install.
Ross’ Shiplap Update
Upgrade your old faux shiplap siding with GenStone's Kenai stacked stone veneers today! Check out how Ross used our easy alternative to remodel his home.
Robert’s Stone Wall Remodel
Adding GenStone's stacked stone veneers over an old stone wall makes a dramatic difference. Check out Robert's DIY home remodel project for unique ideas!
Michael’s Faux Foundation Panels Project
Need ideas for improving the exterior of your home? Michael's decorative faux foundation panels also act as insulation. Let GenStone help you today!
Matt’s Alternative to Traditional Wainscoting
GenStone's stacked stone is a great alternative to traditional wainscoting. Check out Matt's affordable, DIY garage project for ideas today!
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