My Kitchen and Niche

Kenai Stacked Stone interior panels gives a little flair to your kitchen.

Kitchen Island DIY Ideas for a Unique Kitchen

Our interior panels are becoming a popular option for homeowners who are looking to add a little flair to their kitchen. This GenStone customer used the Stratford Stacked Stone interior panels to complete a simple project on their kitchen island. The easy-to-install pillar panels made for a quick and effective addition to the kitchen. Due to the ease of installation, this project was completed in a single weekend without professional help.

GenStone offers a variety of faux stone panels styles that you can use to perfect any interior project. From the earthy gray tones of Stratford to the contrasting sable and auburn tones of Stratford, you can find a product line that complements your home’s interior. DIY kitchen island projects are among the most popular interior applications of GenStone products and add a new dimension to any interior design.

Pourquoi GenStone

Les panneaux de fausses pierres de GenStone sont un excellent ajout à tout projet intérieur ou extérieur. Nos panneaux légers sont faciles à installer et à couler à partir de pierre naturelle, assurant ainsi un aspect et une sensation authentiques.

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