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Faux Stone Pillars

Four Panels Per Post, Attached in Minutes

Pillar Panel Kits

The columns that surround your front entry are part of the first impression your home makes and many homes have either outdated pillars or muted support columns that could use a facelift. Our pillar panels are available in both premium exterior and Class A interior panels that are delivered in four packs designed to cover an 8″ square column.  If your columns are smaller, you can simply fur the posts out to 8″ before our pillar kit arrives.

Kenai Pillars
Kenai Stacked Stone is an elegant shale gray base that is richly emphasized by deep, earthy red tones and blue-gray highlights.
Keystone Pillars
Keystone Stacked Stone is a charcoal shade that is accentuated by warm burgundy and beige tones.
Stratford Pillars
Stacked Stone Stratford is a rich combination of sable and auburn natural tones in various stone sizes.
Desert Sunrise Pillars
Desert Sunrise, a warm beige base that is softly complemented by deep, earthy red and sand tones.
Iron Ore Pillars
Iron Ore Stacked Stone Pillars consist of a a deep, rich gray with hints of softer gray throughout.
Coffee Pillars
Stacked Stone Coffee consists of a deep brown base elegantly highlighted with varying subdued browns.

GenStone Can Be Installed by Anyone

Whether you are planning on creating a dramatic entry to your home or want to construct a modern stacked stone mailbox, GenStone pillar panels can be installed by anyone.

  • Flat and peaked pillar caps also available to provide a finished look for pillars not terminating into a ceiling.
  • Do-It-Yourself friendly, no mortar no mess and virtually maintenance free.
  • GenStone color match caulk and paint kits available through genstone.com or by special order.
  • Made with high density closed cell polyurethane which are lightweight, easy to use and adds additional R-value.
  • Each panel is hand painted with 12 coats of premium exterior paint.
  • Size reduces waste in installations with a great deal of cutting and fitting, installs from the box to the wall in minutes with deck screws.
  • Product has been tested for weather extremes, wind and impact and 2,000-hour UV exposure.
  • All GenStone panels are backed by a 25-year warranty (see warranty for details).

Flat and Peaked Pillar Caps

Designed to fit seamlessly on top of 4 attached pillar panels, the GenStone Flat Pillar Cap delivers a more modern look when compared to the Peaked Pillar Cap without compromising the cap’s ability to shed water. The Flat Pillar Cap is also a good choice if you plan to attach a solar or electrically powered light onto the top of your stacked stone pillar.

The GenStone Peaked Pillar Cap on the other hand delivers a more traditional aesthetic when compared to the Flat Pillar Cap and is engineered to shed water effectively.

Each cap can be easily attached to the pillar using adhesive and deck screws.

Product Details

Hand Painted 12 Coats





GenStone Panels Made with Dow Foam


3.41 Per Inch


1-3 LBS


Cast from Real Stone


Between 1″ and 1.25″

Warranty And Certifications

25 Years



Class A Details And Certifications
Class A

Available by Special Order


Smoke Developed 250


Class A Fire Rated


Flame Spread 20

How do I measure and buy the right amount?
When figure the materials needed for a project, you would need to take a measurement of the height and the length of the wall you intend to cover. Divide the height of the wall by the height of your panel (in most cases, 2’) and the length of the wall by the length of the panel (in most cases, 3.5’). Multiplying these numbers together will give the number of full panels need for the area. For trim and ledger, measure your linear footage and divide by 4. This will be the number pieces needed.
How far above the grass or grade do I need to install the panels?
GenStone is made from a closed cell, high density, polyurethane foam. Not only are you protected from the elements, but it is safe to go all the way to the grade.
Can I use GenStone around a fireplace?
If you have a zero clearance fireplace, GenStone may be placed right against the unit. If the area around the fireplace gets hot to the touch, please contact the fireplace manufacturer for the specific distances necessary to safely install our products.
Do I need starter strips?
Starter strips are not required for installing US Genstone products. GenStone Proline products in Canada do require starter strips. but our new Pro-D collection does not. These strips can be purchased at your local hardware store.
How do I estimate how much caulk I will need?
We recommend one tube of GenStone color matched caulking for every 100 square foot of project.