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There are no wrong choices when it comes to our faux stone products, but we understand everyone brings their own taste to the table. That’s why we offer a variety of siding styles, including faux rock panels, brick veneer and stacked stone. Our stacked stone veneer brings a unique look with all of the functional benefits of any GenStone product. Let’s take a look at what makes dry stack stone veneer the right choice for your project


When it comes to stacked stone, authenticity matters.

There’s probably a reason that stacked stone panels caught your eye; you like how they look. And that’s the best way to approach this decision. Aesthetics should be a top priority because at the end of the day, you’re updating the appearance of your home. Our stacked stone veneer has a distinctive look that, if using natural stone, could only be recreated by a skilled mason. GenStone dry stack stone products give your home all the beauty without the expensive bill.


Most Popular Styles

Keystone Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone Keystone Entry

Enhancing Existing Design Elements

Notice the red and blond highlights complement the copper finishes as well as the surrounding foliage.


Most Popular Styles

Kenai Stacked Stone

Kenai Stacked Stone Wall

Blending Into the Hardscape

The concrete top brings out the rugged gray undertones in the Kenai panel while complementing its authentic look.


Installing Our Stacked Stone:

Stop by our how to install stacked stone video library.

Seemingly everything these days is promoted as a DIY project, but can you really do it yourself? When it comes to GenStone products, the answer is a definitive “yes.” Depending on the scope of your project, you could have your stacked stone siding installed in a single weekend. Our lightweight, easy-to-fit panels make upgrading your home a stress-free process.


Eco Friendly

No quarries, less conduction, more responsible.

“Going green” is more than just a catch-phrase at GenStone. Our products can make a real difference when it comes to conserving energy and natural resources. Our dry stack stone veneer is made from a high-density, two-part polyurethane. This material provides significant insulation (3.6 R-value), which lowers energy consumption and increases your savings on heating and cooling. In addition to keeping energy costs to a minimum, GenStone products don’t require excavation, a process known to cause serious environmental damage.

Testing the Quality:

Don’t miss our popular durability testing video series.

Once you’ve decided on the panels that fit the look of your home, it’s time to assess the reliability of the product. Will your stacked stone siding last? It’s long been the biggest issue with faux stone products. That’s why GenStone not only developed a high-quality product, but tested it through Exova Labs, a world-renowned independent lab. The results speak for themselves. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, high winds or heavy rain, our dry stack stone veneer stands up to harsh elements, ensuring your project will be a valuable addition for years to come.


Need Help? We’re Listening!

Get in touch with the GenStone team through our chat widget or by sending us a message on your favorite social media channel like Facebook or @genstoneDIY on Twitter. We’re here to answer installation questions and to guide you towards the right stacked stone style for your project.

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