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Versatile, rugged and historical.

Gaining Popularity: The enthusiasm for DIY projects is at an all-time high as the public looks for projects that are both valuable and easy to do on their own. One of the most popular projects is using faux rock siding panels to refashion the exterior of homes and businesses.

Faux rock panels are a popular choice because of their versatility. They can serve as complements to your existing wood or vinyl siding, but if more extensively installed, are capable of completely transforming the exterior of your home or business.

Types of GenStone Rock Siding Panels

Cut limestone patterns or naturally arranged river rock.

GenStone randomly cut limestone patterns accurately depict the quarried stone construction of masonry. The Random Rock style is just one of numerous styles of stone veneer that captures unique variations in stone size and color. This process creates a very limited amount of repetition and provides versatility to any application.

Random Rock:

Random Rock offers a clean-cut approach to exterior design with its limestone-pattern style. These faux rock panels are composed of varying sizes of geometric stones that mimic quarried stone and avoid the monotonous patterns seen in lesser imitation siding. With seven different color combinations, this traditional product leaves plenty of room for personal taste.



River Rock:

River Rock offers a natural addition to the exterior of your home or business with its authentic design. Choose between Valley – a pattern that reflects a Midwest riverbed – or Glacier – a pattern that reflects the clear streams of Alaska and Northern Canada. River rock is available in the USA only.


Advantages of the GenStone Process

Hand-finished to ensure authenticity.

There are always questions surrounding faux rock siding, and for good reason. For years, the industry was plagued with inferior products and bad reviews. That’s why GenStone put in the work before releasing its product to the public. So, what exactly goes into the process of producing high-quality faux rock siding?

Home with GenStone Mixed Faux Rock Panels Installed

This homeowner chose the gray and yellows provided by GenStone Mixed Rock siding to complement the existing blue-gray wood siding.

It starts with GenStone’s proprietary molds, which were created using the patterns of individual stones and rocks found in nature. This ensures an authentic look and texture that can’t be matched in the faux siding panel industry.

Each panel is produced by compressing the molds and a combination of polyurethane and color oxides. When pressure is applied to the material and the mold, the result is a quality, authentic-looking faux rock design. These panels are then inspected for strength and durability before being hand-finished in a controlled environment.

Advantages of GenStone Rock Siding

It not only costs less, it’s more durable and easy to install.

The fact that faux rock siding costs around 50% of what it would cost to build a similar looking rock wall from natural materials is not the only reason GenStone has been gaining in popularity. GenStone faux stone panels are also easy to install and more durable than their natural counterparts.


Our rock siding is life tested and lab approved.

Putting Quality to the Test

From sledgehammers to lab tests, GenStone doesn’t chip, crack or break.

Testing administered by Exova Labs, an independent testing organization, has established GenStone rock siding as a strong and reliable option for exterior renovation. In fact, GenStone products tested above expectations for impact resistance, wind load, acid rain resistance and fastener strength. Because GenStone rock siding is produced in a consistent factory setting, it is less susceptible to the cracks and chips of natural stone. For further proof, take a look at our quality testing videos and Exova panel reviews.



Ease of Installation

Simply measure, cut, attach and repeat.

Foundation Wall with Coffee Rock Siding Installed

Installing Our Faux Rock Panels

Watch our videos and learn how to install GenStone.

When it comes to installation, there’s really no comparison between faux rock panels and natural stone. Natural stone requires professional help, expensive equipment and can be a long, drawn-out process. Contrast that with installing GenStone’s lightweight panels, which can be installed by anyone with basic carpentry skills.


Improve Curb Appeal with Faux Rock Siding

Most GenStone projects can be completed over the weekend.

Rock siding can be an attractive and tasteful addition to any home or business. Even better, a rock siding project with GenStone can be completed in a single weekend or quicker. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable and beautiful product to transform your property, contact a GenStone professional today to get started.

Faux Rock Siding Panels
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