Testing the Durability of Faux Stone

Ok so you’re convinced, the texture and colors of GenStone faux stone panels are convincingly authentic looking. Not to mention you’re sure you could install GenStone yourself, but how will your GenStone stand up to rain, sun, snow and even out of the ordinary events?

We thought the same thing, what good is a great looking, easy to install product if it falls apart under duress? So we hired Exova labs to put our panels to the test.

Independent Lab Testing:

Early on as a company we knew we had to overcome the durability failures of other faux stone products before GenStone. We agreed with the general public that the majority of faux stone products could not be counted on to last, even through one harsh winter or hot summer. So, we sent a collection of our siding products to Exova, a leading global product testing organization.

GenStone’s Performance

As you can see below, the overall durability results of Exova’s evaluation of GenStone was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, our panels met or exceeded the requirements of each durability test, so it’s safe to say GenStone’s faux stone panels are not the faux siding panels you may have seen or used in the past.


Other Exova Clients

  • Formula 1 Cars

  • Petronas Towers in Malaysia

  • Scotland’s Fourth Road Bridge

  • Numerous Sports Stadiums

Standing Behind Our Products:

We didn’t go to market with GenStone until we were satisfied with our product’s ability to resist the elements. In fact, we’re so confident in our product’s durability that all GenStone products come with a 25 year warranty.


The Results Are Impressive

Much of Exova’s testing results are very technical so we’ve summarized a few of the test results below in layman’s terms. If you have any questions about the extent of the testing or what it means for the longevity of your project, contact us and we will happily discuss each of the results.

Exova’s GenStone Reviews




Acid Rain Resistance
No surface defects or new voidsThe acid rain test had no effect on the surface of the panels and there were no new voids detected as result of this test
The panels must demonstrate a fastener pull through of greater than or equal to 400NThe GenStone panels finished with a 464N fastener pull through rating. This surpassed the laboratory’s requirement by 16%.
Wind Load Resistance
The cladding system shall be capable of resisting and transmitting to its points of support the positive and negative forces generated by the design wind loads without any fracture or permanent deterioration of the surfaces resulting from the loads.The GenStone cladding system resisted and transmitted to its points of support the following positive and negative forces for wind: 209.2 kilometers per hour or 130 miles per hour of sustained wind impact. The panels showed no indication of any deterioration.
Impact Resistance
The cladding system shall be capable of withstanding the applied impact loads without any deterioration in the performance or safety of the paneling system.The GenStone cladding system withstood the applied impact load from a pendulum impacting the wall at three increased weights. The cladding system showed no deterioration in the performance or safety of the system.

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