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Historically beautiful, authentic texture and easy to install.

Although the installation system differs from our stacked stone and rock siding products, our brick veneer panels are still extremely easy to install. To make things simple, your brick siding project can be completed with three seamless components including the wall panel, corner piece and brick ledger. Each style’s accessories can be viewed on its product page.

Ageless Look and Texture

Learn how adding the beauty of masonry brick is easier than ever.

For thousands of years throughout the world, brick has been one of the most consistently used construction materials. Its rustic and timeless beauty defines or complements many well-known structures such as the Santa Sabina Church in Rome and the Fairbanks House in Massachusetts.

Today, brick veneer makes it possible for any homeowner to bring this ageless look to their homes in the form of an exposed brick wall or even brick siding. More importantly, the careful engineering of faux brick panels has finally made this type of masonry work do-it-yourself friendly.


Quick Brick Facts

Did you know this about brick as a construction material?

  • The oldest discovered brick are from the Tigris region in 7500 BC

  • Santa Sabina Church in Rome (422 AD) constructed of brick and is still in use, in fact it hasn’t been changed since it was built

  • The Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA is the oldest standing timber frame building in North America (1637) features brick chimneys


More Than Fake Brick

The need for a mason has been engineered out.

Brick veneer is a type of facing used on the surface of a home or building that has been developed to replicate the textures, colors and patterns of natural clay or shale brick. Similar to other types of stone veneer, brick panels are shaped with forms that were created by stamping real brick into a mold. This process produces a thin brick-like surface that looks like real brick while offering a variety of consistent colors and complementary mortars.

For decades those wanting brick siding or an exposed brick wall would have to hire a mason, which unfortunately is one of the most costly skills you can employ. Brick veneer on the other hand is a much more affordable option when compared to real brick and the installation costs associated with it.

GenStone Brick Veneer System

Panelized System

These three pieces help you finish your project like a pro.

The brick panels that make up the GenStone system consist of a corner, full panel and ledger. As shown below, if you were going to create an exposed brick wall you would arrange the panels from left to right. Simply start by attaching a 90º corner with screws or glue then align the full panel so that the bricks form a continuous pattern with equal mortar lines. Once the wall is complete you can finish with a corner on the right or by squaring off a full panel.


Planning Your Brick Upgrade Project

See our brick panels on your home today!

User Our Visualizer to Choose Your Brick Veneer Style

Using the Visualizer

Upload your own photo or use a stock image.

When you decide to add an exposed brick wall or brick siding to your home it’s important to remember that once finished, it will bring a lot of red to the space. We recommend using the GenStone visualizer below to plan not only your brick wall but also determine how it will impact the existing color scheme. The visualizer allows you to not only explore our brick styles but also other popular GenStone faux stone panels.

Need Help? We’re Listening!

Give us a call at 1-800-425-0788 with any installation questions or for help deciding which brick veneer style is the right choice for your project. You can also get in touch with our support team by Tweeting us @genstoneDIY or by finding us on Facebook.

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Brick is one of the most classy and timeless ways to improve your home. Brick veneer was designed to imitate the texture, patterns and colors of natural shale and clay brick while also being a do-it-yourself friendly product.
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