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The Beauty of Stone Made Easy

GenStone’s dry stack stone is an excellent addition to any home. GenStone panels are perfect for those who are looking to refresh the exterior or interior of their home with a durable, trustworthy material. These lightweight panels offer an easy installation process and make an ideal project for the DIY-inclined homeowner. GenStone’s casting process ensures that each panel models the appearance and texture of stone. This impression is achieved by using actual stone during the casting process.

The longevity of GenStone faux stone is unparalleled compared to natural stone. GenStone Panels will not succumb to the elements or crack like traditional stone. The natural-cut-inspired dry stack stone replicates natural stone and comes in your choice of hues, including Coffee, a deep, sophisticated brown that is subtly highlighted with softer shades. This veneer complements contemporary homes and is one of GenStone’s most popular panels.

Note: This 12″ x 12″ sample purchase is valid for residents of the USA only. Click here to contact GenStone Canada about a sample.

The Beauty of Stone Made Easy

Simply Measure, Cut and Attach

The GenStone system was designed for the average do-it-yourselfer. Most projects require only ordinary hand tools and can be completed over the course of a couple of hours.  Each panel can be cut to size easily with a hand or motorized saw and attached with screws.

More Attention to Detail

Every GenStone panel is cast from real stone, rock and brick to ensure authenticity. All panels receive 12 coats of meticulously hand painted details, which results in little to no repetition.

Added Features and Benefits

GenStone is tested and engineered specifically for interior or exterior applications and provides added value unmatched by the competition.

  • Paint: Our panels are hand painted with the highest quality Sherwin-Williams exterior paint for increased durability.

  • Certifications: GenStone is life-tested and lab approved. Our panels are impact resistant and have received numerous construction industry designations including multiple Canadian CCMC numbers. Refer to our certifications and designations document as well as our popular life tested video series for more information.

  • Manufacturing: GenStone is produced exclusively by a top faux products manufacturing facility. No other faux stone product can imitate the quality or authenticity of our panel due to the proprietary manufacturing process used to create GenStone.

  • Green and Cost Effective: GenStone is not only less expensive to install than masonry products, it is also a popular sustainable alternative to natural stone.

ColorHand Painted 12 CoatsTemplateCast from Real Stone
PaintMaterial SourceGenStone Panels Made with Dow Foam
Recommended UseExteriorR-Value3.6 Per Inch
Warranty25 YearsTestingSee Testing Document
Weight4.06 lbs on AverageThickness.5″ minimum at lip 2.25″ max

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When figure the materials needed for a project, you would need to take a measurement of the height and the length of the wall you intend to cover. Divide the height of the wall by the height of your panel (in most cases, 2’) and the length of the wall by the length of the panel (in most cases, 3.5’). Multiplying these numbers together will give the number of full panels need for the area. For trim and ledger, measure your linear footage and divide by 4. This will be the number pieces needed.

GenStone is made from a closed cell, high density, polyurethane foam. Not only are you protected from the elements, but it is safe to go all the way to the grade.
If you have a zero clearance fireplace, GenStone may be placed right against the unit. If the area around the fireplace gets hot to the touch, please contact the fireplace manufacturer for the specific distances necessary to safely install our products.
Starter strips are not required for installing US Genstone products. GenStone Proline products in Canada do require starter strips. but our new Pro-D collection does not. These strips can be purchased at your local hardware store.
We recommend one tube of GenStone color matched caulking for every 100 square foot of project.
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